Privacy Policy

Our prime goal at is to ensure that our clients’ data shared with us is always protected. Thus, our privacy policy states:

  • Details about data collection
  • How we store necessary info
  • Usage of such information
  • Refund policy when payment is involved

Information collected by us

We collect a few specific information when an individual interacts with us through social media or log in to our website; these include:

  • Browsing preferences and IP address of the user
  • Username and comments made using that username/id

How visitors’ data is stored?

We at ensure that data collected by us is stored efficiently and without any hassle to a user. We use a few approaches to store info such as:

  1. From different sources where information of a user is made public like social media platforms.
  2. Times when an individual gets in touch with us using social media, email, or directly through our website.
  3. Lastly, we utilize cookies for data collection when we get a visitor on our web pages.

Using acquired data

There are several reasons as to how we use received information. We collect such data for:

  1. Improving our services
  2. Sending essential notifications related to our company
  3. Inform an individual about products’ launch, provide customized offers, and more
  4. Keep in touch with customers

Our refund policy

We welcome people buying products from us and are thrilled after every purchase that goes through. However, if you want refunds, you will be eligible if any purchased product has a manufacturing defect. Also, a full refund can be claimed if an individual is unsatisfied with any of the products bought from

Nonetheless, within 14 days a refund request has to be made from a commodity’s purchased date. Once 14 days period passes, no individual is entitled to a refund request. It is one of the reasons we recommend customers to try purchased products within that period to determine whether it meets all of their requirements.

If there is any query related to our services or commodities, please contact us by calling our helpline number or simply send us an email.